First Name: Michelle
Last Name: Ropiza
Company Name: Catamaran Brokerage
Type: Professional Member - Active
Licensed Broker: Yes

Michelle is a Florida native, spending most of her life living, working and playing on the water. She has logged over 50,000 NM of offshore sea time to date. Her knowledge spans extensively throughout the entire Caribbean basin with the Virgin Islands and Bahamas as her specialty.

In her spare time, Michelle enjoys flying her Cessna 172 with her husband and "potcake" dog to Bahamas and camping on the beach. They have been found on occasion to fly over emergency parts to clients in the Islands. She's also an avid scuba diver, kite boarder and snow skier - when she can find the time to get out West. She's an adventure seeker at heart.

Michelle's number one goal as a Yacht Broker is use her extensive Catamaran knowledge and experience to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction. She's consistently a top producer in the industry and truly enjoys connecting with her clients on a personal and business level.