First Name: Yannis
Last Name: Zagorakis
Company Name: Hargrave Yachts Brokerage and Charter
Type: Professional Member - Associate
Licensed Broker: Yes

Yannis is the Vice President and Senior Yacht Consultant/Broker of Hargrave Custom Yachts. He joined the ranks of the company in 2004 as one of their Fleet captains and a few years later he transitioned to the Yacht Consultation and Brokering sector of the company.

Through his domestic and foreign connections and partnerships he has been able to successfully complete various National and International contracts.

He is a graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy of Greece with a Degree in Maritime Science and a Captain Class 3 All Oceans License (1992). He has also been trained as a Navy Reserve officer at the Hellenic Navy during his Armed Forces mandatory service, and Honorably discharged in 1995.

He is married to his wife Julie (A native Floridian from Stuart, Florida) and they live permanently in Fort Lauderdale.