First Name: Rebecca
Last Name: Eisenberg
Company Name: Explore
Type: Affiliate Member - Active
Licensed Broker: No

Explore was built for brokers, by brokers with the brokerage group in mind. This is your hands-free digital platform that attracts new prospects and keeps you connected to your client base.

How? We provide the backbone for a broker's digital ecosystem by leveraging brokerage content across web, social media, email and advertising. This allows the broker and brand to have continuity in messaging and exposure.

What we give you:

 A top tier website that is your 24-hour showroom floor

 Hands-free social media presence

 Targeted advertising to our community of global yacht buyers & owners

 Digital marketing expertise to increase community engagement 

Your impact:

 More leads

 More time spent on clients & sales

 Less time spent on administrative duties

 More recognition for your hard work