First Name: Richard
Last Name: Blankenhorn
Company Name: Charter Caribe
Type: Professional Member - Non Florida Broker
Licensed Broker: No

Dare Blankenhorn is the co-founder and co-owner of Charter Caribe. He has spent the past 10 years working in all aspects of the yachting business and developing each of the roles that we see today within the organization. The core concepts of Charter Caribe were developed during his time as a professional yachtsman, where he held a USCG 200-ton License as well as a RYA Yachtmaster. 

Dare spend over a decade running yachts of many shapes and sizes all over the world, and during that time began to hone is ideas of how yachts should be operated and where the industry could be transformed. The initial frames of an entrepreneurial existence came into view during many of those ocean passages, and by the time professional yachting became a challenge to family creation, the plan was in motion to make it easier to own and run private yachts through the administration of Charter Caribe. Now the operation has grown to over 20 yachts, 50 people, representing manufacturers from around the globe, and bringing a network of yachting services into one place. 

Dare holds a BA in Philosophy and Business Administration from East Carolina University. He has created six businesses and one Non-Profit organization during his professional career.