First Name: Rose
Last Name: Jolis
Company Name: Denison Yachting
Type: Charter Member - Associate
Licensed Broker: No

Rose Jolis grew up near Greenwich, Connecticut. Hers was a family that loved fine food and international travel, and Rose carried that love into a career in food and travel – yachting in particular.

After studying culinary arts in New York City, Rose began working as a catering chef for Martha Stewart – the first of many future employers and clients whose exacting standards Rose consistently met.

Rose found her way to Australia to work as a chef aboard a mothership for charter clients fishing for 1000-pound black marlin on the Great Barrier Reef. During that time, Rose became an avid scuba diver.

After that experience, Rose went on to work on three yachts – initially in chef positions, and then as a purser, managing staff, in organization, and creating exceptional experiences for yacht owners and their guests.

After two decades spent at sea, uncovering much of what makes travel delicious and delightful, Rose has been working to share her knowledge with discerning clients. She has a deep understanding of the Pacific region (whether Tahiti, Papua New Guinea, or the Pacific Northwest) and remains knowledgeable of the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean, allowing her to create customized, “off the beaten path” adventures for her clients.

Now based in Gig Harbor, Washington, Rose continues to attend significant yacht shows worldwide to meet the crews and tour the boats so she can recommend the best fit for her clients.

When not working or traveling, Rose enjoys hiking, golf, painting.