First Name: Ava
Last Name: Bartolec
Company Name: Staten Island Yacht Sales
Type: Professional Member - Associate
Licensed Broker: Yes

Born and raised in Jupiter, Florida, Ava's connection to the water runs deep. From her earliest days, she developed a profound love for the sea, spending countless hours boating, fishing, and exploring the coastal paradise that shaped her upbringing. This intimate familiarity with Jupiter's aquatic treasures imbues Ava with a unique understanding of the boating lifestyle—one that she eagerly shares with her clients.

As a former sponsored angler with Pelagic, Ava's expertise in the world of fishing is matched only by her passion for boats. While her journey has shifted to focus on yacht sales full-time, her background in competitive angling continues to inform her approach, ensuring that her clients receive unparalleled insight and guidance throughout their purchasing journey.

Ava's dedication to her clients is evident in the satisfaction of those she serves. Her happy clients not only find their perfect vessels but also gain a trusted ally in their boating endeavors. With Ava's expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, every interaction becomes a seamless and memorable experience, reflecting her genuine love for the water and her unwavering dedication to ensuring her clients' dreams come true.