Principal Member

First Name: Abigail
Last Name: Young
Company Name: Seaduction Yacht Charters
Type: Charter Member - Active
Licensed Broker: No

Abby Young, is the founder and luxury crewed charter broker of Seaduction Yacht Charters. In 2013, she made a life-changing decision to relocate to the beautiful British Virgin Islands, captivated by its enchanting allure after countless visits. A devoted yoga teacher and avid watersports enthusiast, Abby brought her passion for Paddle Board Yoga to the community, quickly becoming an integral part of the local scene. Soon enough, she found herself sailing the mesmerizing turquoise waters, accompanied by a circle of close friends. Driven by her love for sailing and a desire to share unforgettable experiences with others, Abby embarked on a new adventure as a luxury crewed charter broker just a year later. Today, as the managing director of Seaduction, she dedicates herself to transforming dreams into reality for people across the globe. With an uncanny knack for curating the perfect yacht experience, Abby effortlessly guides and advises her clients, ensuring every detail is taken care of.