First Name: Christian
Last Name: Motter
Company Name: Blue Oceans Yachting
Type: Professional Member - Associate
Licensed Broker: No

Meet Christian, a charismatic yacht salesman from the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. His childhood was spent on the bayous, where he enjoyed cruising and fishing for reds and trout, and engaging in various other sports. For Christian, the water has always been a large part of his identity. After earning a double major in finance and real estate from the University of Mississippi, he briefly dabbled in a tech startup in Dallas, but the water quickly called him back. Christian's passion for boating led him to captain boats from South Florida and the North East to alluring and exotic destinations across Europe and the Caribbean. Now dedicated to yacht sales, Christian's profound love for the ocean harmoniously intertwines with his commitment to crafting one-of-a-kind experiences for his clientele. Throughout every step of the process and beyond, he prides himself on prioritizing communication, honesty, and transparency to build long lasting relationships with all his clients. It is this dedication to exceptional service that sets him apart in the yacht brokerage industry. Outside of his professional endeavors, Christian's heart never strays far from the water. In his spare time he can be found captaining boats, fishing, spearfishing, surfing, and exploring new destinations. Enthusiastic and amiable, he thrives on connecting with new people, discovering their aspirations, and helping them fulfill their yachting dreams. Christian's magnetic personality and outgoing nature make him an unparalleled asset to any yachting experience. For those seeking personalized and transformative journeys on the water, Christian can help turn dreams into reality.