Principal Member

First Name: Dan
Last Name: Wood
Company Name: Crows Nest Yachts
Type: Professional Member - Active
Licensed Broker: Yes

Born and raised in Seattle WA. And working in Alaska gave me the work ethic I carry with me today. After 5 years working in “The Deadliest Catch” and achieving Alternate Captain, Engineer and Deck Boss, then wanting to apply that experience to a career in the “Lower 48”, the Yacht business was a natural transition. 7 years in selling new Carvers and Navigators, then wanting to expand, taking a position as Build Captain on Hull #1 to come out of Sovereign Yachts, a 115’ Westport hull, was the next step. Getting a Captains License and running that vessel for 3 years ensued. Once completing that contract, getting into a larger house was next. Crow’s Nest Yachts was expanding, opening the Seattle Office for the owner, representing Viking, Princess, Hatteras, Tiara, Cheoy Lee, as wells as brokerage. After 23 years in Yacht Industry, the proud recipient of the prestigious USSA Beacon Award in 2021 for work in representing the N.W. Yacht Captains Association and contributing over $1.5 million for the 501C3 Forgotten Childrens Fund and being its Past President and Current Board Member. Also sitting on the Board of the Northwest Trade Association for 2 terms. Now Co-owning the office in Seattle and being a part of the Florida Shows for 30 years as an Employing Broker Licensed in Florida