First Name: Giles
Last Name: Whitby-Smith
Company Name: Bitcashier
Website: Bitcashier Limited
Type: Complimentary Membership
Licensed Broker: No

CEO and Co- Founder of Bitcashier an exciting enterprise fintech company operating in the crypto space. Bitcashier enables holders and owners of crypto assets to use those asset holdings to purchase luxury items including yachts and aircraft.

Bitcashier is already an established name in the Marine space having partnerships with some of the best known brokers in the industry and at the time of writing has conducted over 40M USD of transactions in the Superyacht industry for buyers using crypto since 2021 the use of crypto in luxury assets is definitely a trend not to be ignored.

Previous experience in financial markets in London and New York and having co-founded a satellite technology company that sold in 2020 for for over £80m,has proved invaluable in the ascension of Bitcashier as a well funded, reliable, trusted, experienced platform exchange for yacht brokers and managers to use in confidence.