Principal Member

First Name: Michael
Last Name: Ortiz
Company Name: YachtLuxe
Type: Charter Member - Active
Licensed Broker: Yes

My name is Michael Ortiz, I am the president and CEO of YachtLuxe CO. I have been working in yachting for almost a decade now. At the green age of 31, I have worked alongside some of the pioneers of the industry. I began my career at Roscioli Yachting Center where I had several years of mentorship from the late Bob Roscioli. He gave me an opportunity of an entry-level job that later turned into me finding my true passion and using his inspiring story to later start my own. During my time at Roscioli (5 years), I wore many hats. I began working in the stockroom as a simple stockroom assistant and within a few months, I was promoted to purchasing manager. I mastered my new role very quickly and worked side by side with project managers with over 30 years of experience such as Tom Glass. During this time, I met many yacht owners and was introduced to the concept of yacht charters. The business of yacht charters was very intriguing to me. As time went on, my roles at Roscioli expanded to office work as well and learning the insides and outs of running a successful business. I knew I wanted to venture out and take a leap of faith by starting my own charter business. I decided to part ways with Roscioli and take a job where I would make substantially less money, but I would have much more time and opportunities in making connections to use as a foundation in starting my charter business. I began working at Williams Island Marina as a dockmaster. In the short time of a year, I several connections with yacht managers, brokers, and captains. I started my company while still working at Williams Island fulltime. Eventually, I began getting charter inquiries and was able to use my limited relations and began booking charters while working at Williams Island. Yachtluxe quickly grew and I was no longer able to work at Williams Island and run my business efficiently. I became a full-time business owner and yacht charter broker. 5 years later, yacht charters are my sole source of income and Yachtluxe is constantly expanding and growing each day. I believe YachtLuxe will be a valuable member of the IYBA association and our partnership will be beneficial for all.