First Name: Joshua
Last Name: Prisamt
Company Name: Southpaw Yacht Sales
Type: Professional Member - Non Florida Broker
Licensed Broker: No

With a lifelong passion for sailing and an exceptional knowledge of boat sales, Josh Prisamt is the dedicated yacht broker you need to fulfill your dreams on the open seas. From his early days as a competitive sailor to his current role as a valued member of the esteemed Southpaw Yacht Sales team in Greenwich, CT, Josh's experience and expertise make him a go-to professional in the industry. From a tender age, Josh found himself drawn to the allure of the ocean and the exhilaration of sailing competitively. Josh's years of competitive sailing experience have granted him a deep understanding of the unique needs and desires of sailing enthusiasts, enabling him to provide insightful and tailored solutions to his clients. Having joined Southpaw Yacht Sales, a renowned name in the industry known for uncompromising excellence, Josh Prisamt has consistently demonstrated his unwavering dedication to helping clients find their perfect yacht. With a keen eye for detail, an extensive network, and a deep understanding of the market, Josh knows how to locate, negotiate, and secure the vessel that his matches client's desires precisely. Integrity and professionalism are at the core of Josh's work ethic. He approaches every client interaction with a commitment to transparency and unwavering honesty, ensuring that their unique requirements are met with the utmost care and attention to detail Whether. You are a seasoned boater or a novice taking the first steps into the world the yachting, Josh's attentive and patient nature will guide you through the process, making your journey smooth and enjoyable from start to finish. Known for his exceptional communication skills, Josh Prisamt excels at building strong relationships with his clients. He values the trust bestowed upon him by each individual and provides a seamless yacht buying experience. His passion for sailing, combined with his proficiency in boat sales enables him to go beyond expectations to ensure his clients find their ideal vessel.