First Name: Samuel
Last Name: Ramos
Company Name: TJB Superyachts
Type: Charter Member - Associate
Licensed Broker: No

Bridging a successful decade in the tech sector with a great passion for the sea, I bring a fresh and innovative perspective to the luxury yachting industry at TJB Super Yachts. With significant roles at industry giants like Samsung and Microsoft, I've honed skills in innovation, strategic client management, and exceptional service – qualities I now channel into the realm of yacht charters. In 2022, I embraced a career transformation, driven by a quest for work-life balance and a deep-seated love for maritime adventures.

As a Charter Broker at TJB Super Yachts, my approach melds tech-driven efficiency with bespoke luxury service. I am dedicated to creating personalized yacht experiences that resonate deeply with each client's unique preferences and aspirations. My role is not just about arranging charters; it's about curating extraordinary experiences on the sea. I strive to understand and anticipate the needs of each client, ensuring their time aboard is nothing short of remarkable.

My commitment is to elevate every aspect of the charter experience, making it as seamless, luxurious, and memorable as possible. As I grow in my role at TJB Super Yachts, I am enthusiastic about exploring innovative ways to enhance the charter experience. My goal is to redefine the standards of luxury in yacht chartering, combining my tech background with my dedication to unparalleled service and attention to detail.