Principal Member

First Name: Konstantinos
Last Name: Ladas
Company Name: Capital yachting
Type: Professional Member - Non Florida Broker
Licensed Broker: No

As the Head of Yacht Sales at Capital Yachting, I bring a wealth of expertise in the luxury yachting industry. Leading a team of dedicated professionals, our focus is on delivering unparalleled service and tailored solutions to our esteemed clientele. We possess a robust skill set for optimizing and managing intricate systems and processes. My professional journey includes a remarkable 9-year tenure as the Head of Sales at SSH MARITIME, where I honed my abilities in yacht sales, new business development, strategic planning, and logistics management. This experience has been instrumental in driving growth, ensuring operational efficiency, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction for Capital Yachting. Committed to excellence, I continue to steer the course of success in the luxury yachting industry, blending a passion for design with a strategic business acumen