First Name: Bonnie
Last Name: Wagner
Company Name: Elite Travel Concierge
Type: Charter Member - Active
Licensed Broker: No

Behind the Curtain of Luxury: Meet Bonnie Montgomery Wagner, Architect of Extraordinary Voyages For over two decades, Bonnie has been the invisible compass, the discreet cartographer, guiding high net worth individuals on adventures beyond the reach of ordinary maps. Hers is a world of private jets touching down in secret airstrips, of hidden villas overlooking sapphire coastlines, and bespoke experiences tailored to the most discerning palates. Bonnie isn't just a luxury travel curator; she's a meticulous architect of experiences. Her expertise extends far beyond crafting curated itineraries and securing coveted reservations. It lies in the invisible foundation, the unwavering commitment to excellence that ensures every journey unfolds flawlessly. More than Meets the Eye: Master Negotiator: With a background in agreements and addendums, Bonnie ensures you navigate the most complex contracts with unwavering confidence. No detail is too small, no loophole too obscure. You rest assured, knowing your interests are fiercely protected. Financial Virtuoso: Escrow accounting is her second language. Your funds are secure, transactions transparent, and every penny meticulously tracked, leaving you free to savor the present, unburdened by financial concerns. Insured for Excellence: Peace of mind is a luxury in itself. Bonnie's robust insurance guarantees your investment, giving you the freedom to fully embrace the thrill of the unknown. Experience, the Ultimate Luxury: Over twenty years of crafting extraordinary journeys have woven a tapestry of unparalleled knowledge and trusted relationships. From the hidden gems of Patagonia to the untouched sands of Bora Bora, Bonnie holds the keys to a world unseen by the average traveler. Beyond the Horizon: For Bonnie, luxury is more than a price tag – it's a state of mind. It's the whisper of anticipation before a private helicopter whisks you to a glacier-topped peak, the silent awe as you dine beneath a canopy of stars in the Namibian desert, the exhilaration of a private safari where wild rhinos roam free. She doesn't just sell luxury; she orchestrates the symphony of moments that etch themselves onto the soul. Meet Bonnie, your gateway to experiences that redefine the very meaning of luxury. Where will your compass lead you next? Let the adventure begin.