First Name: Jozette
Last Name: Sarazin
Company Name: Odyssea Yachting
Type: Charter Member - Active
Licensed Broker: No

Meet Jozy! I’m Jozy Sarazin, a yacht charter consultant specializing in luxury yacht charters. I spent the formative years of my life in the Caribbean, before moving to study in Paris, France and London, England. Thanks to this diverse upbringing, I speak fluent French and English, with a good understanding of Spanish. After my stint in Paris, I met my husband Frank in Tobago and started sailing, rekindling my love for the idyllic island lifestyle of my youth. After running our own water-sports shop, we took to the high seas and worked as crew, captain and first-mate, for many years bringing the joy sailing to others.Now, I also get to extend these experiences to others, through organizing their own priceless moments and lifelong memories also working as a booking agent for charters around the globe; transferring the love and appreciation I have for the ocean and our planet to others. Other than the ocean, I enjoy the natural scenery of a nice forest walk. Most of all, I love being around my family. At its core, that’s what life is, good times with loved ones. It’s all about love for others and making their Sailing Vacation dreams come true!