First Name: Tina
Last Name: Presche
Company Name: Oxyzen Yachting Ltd.
Type: Charter Member - Active
Licensed Broker: No

Oxyzen Yachting Ltd. was incorporated on the 2nd of October 2017, in the Republic of Cyprus under registration number HE 374342, and registered adress at 1 Andrea Patsalidi, Office 301, 2362 Nicosa, Cyprus. Mrs. Tina Presche is one of the Shareholders and owners of the company. She is acting as Charter Broker and Charter Manager. With a family background in exclusive travel and a passion for boating - owning and chartering, Mrs. Presche has always been drawn to luxury lifestyle and travel, with a love for the sea. After obtaining a diploma in design, she founded her own design bureau, specializing in communication design, marketing, and branding. Additionally, Mrs. Presche became co-partner of a high end multi-brand store in Germany, indulging her interests in interior design and fashion. Nearly four years ago, Mrs. Presche joined Oxyzen Yachting, where she merged her expertise in interior, design and travel with her vision for high-end yacht charter services. Oxyzen Yachting specializes in international yacht charter, sales, and management, with a growing fleet. Through her efforts, the company has booked 30 charters in 2022 and 42 charters in 2023. 2024 looks equally promising so far. As a testament to her dedication to the industry, Mrs. Presche attended the MYBA superyacht broker seminar in 2020, and has signed up for the CYBA online course. Recognizing her strengths and advantages, the founders of Oxyzen Yachting offered her a partnership in 2021. As a partner, Mrs. Presche is responsible for the charter department and the marketing of the company. Through her work at Oxyzen Yachting Mrs. Presche is committed to providing exceptional service and experiences to her clients, to learn and grow within the yachting industry and to help Oxyzen Yachting achieve its goals and aspirations.