Principal Member

First Name: Alex
Last Name: Sastre
Company Name: Performance Yacht Sales
Type: Professional Member - Active
Licensed Broker: Yes

Alex Sastre, an enterprising visionary originating from Argentina, carved a path of remarkable foresight and innovation in the business realm. At a youthful 25, he laid the cornerstone for one of Miami's technological behemoths, fundamentally reshaping the landscape of computer component distribution. Through astute negotiations and the establishment of robust distribution channels, Sastre propelled major brands to the forefront of the South American market, orchestrating revenue streams in the millions. By 30, Sastre had forged formidable alliances with top-tier PC brands, securing exclusive distribution contracts with major South American retailers. Unsatisfied with mere distribution, he delved into the design and sales of OEM components, even supplying competitors. In 2000, he unveiled Azultel, a telecommunications powerhouse that swiftly rose to dominance in long-distance retail, boasting headquarters in Miami and operational hubs in Milano, Madrid, and Buenos Aires. Leveraging cutting-edge fiber networks and proprietary technology, Azultel pioneered alternative long-distance services, amassing a colossal customer base exceeding 20 million. In 2013, Sastre set sail into new waters with Performance Yacht Sales, introducing European boatyards to the American market. With finesse, he nurtured sales and service channels for Salona Yachts and Italia Yachts, catapulting Salona Yachts to the pinnacle as the fastest-growing sailboat brand in the U.S. by 2015. His adeptness in brand representation attracted the attention of Bavaria Yachts, culminating in a fruitful partnership in 2017, with Sastre spearheading the brand's rebranding and market penetration efforts. Sastre's extraordinary accomplishments garnered him accolades, including the prestigious Boat of the Year Award in 2015, 2016, and 2018, alongside the coveted title of "Best New Dealer" bestowed by Bavaria Yachts in 2018. Further bolstering his influence, Performance Yacht Sales forged a representation and distribution agreement with Neel Trimarans in 2019, expanding their presence on the East Coast of the USA. Demonstrating unwavering excellence, Performance Yacht Sales secured "The Best Dealer" award from Nautitech Catamarans in 2021, underscoring Sastre's steadfast commitment to excellence. His elevation to the presidency of 69F America in December 2021 heralded a new era, where he steered the 69F class to unprecedented heights. The pinnacle of recognition arrived in 2022 when Performance Yacht Sales swept all Boat of the Year awards with the Grand Soleil 44 sailboat, a feat replicated in 2023 with the Neel m43, earning prestigious titles such as Newport Best of Show, Sail Magazine Best Boat, and Sailing World Boat of the Year.