Principal Member

First Name: Ken
Last Name: Caine
Company Name: QPS Marine
Type: Professional Member - Associate
Licensed Broker: Yes

QPS Marine Ships

+1 516 647-5129

DOB: July 14, 1944

Place of Birth: Newark, New Jersey USA


After receiving an MBA from Harvard Business School, he joined the New York office of American advertising agency, Y&R (Young & Rubicam).  When Y&R decided to open offices in Australia, Ken was invited to join the initial group of Y&R representatives moving to Australia. While living, and working in Sydney and Melbourne Australia, he crewed on 5 Sydney to Hobart sailboat races.

In his wanderlust to experience different cultures, Paris and London were the next stops on his sojourn. As Managing Director – Client Services at The Publicis Groupe, Frances’ largest advertising agency, Ken was responsible for high-level relations with all clients, including overall client satisfaction and management of expectations, while ensuring that the work is completed on strategy, on time and within budget. Just a short hop across the English Channel, London was the next stop on his world tour where the position of Senior Vice President was offered at the prestigious advertising agency, Collett Dickenson & Pearce (CDP). After six years in London, he was recruited by a top-tier executive search firm and returned to the United States to serve as Executive Vice President of Windstar Sail Cruises and ultimately as President. 

Working closely with the founder and Chairman of Windstar, Mr. Jean Claude Pottier, Ken oversaw the business details of the construction of the Windstar fleet of ships being built at the Sociéte Nouvelle de Ateliers et Chantiers du Havre" shipyard in La Havre, France. Utilizing his training as a Civil Engineer and Architect, Ken contributed to the overall success of the build project. As President of Windstar, Ken was responsible for the day-to-day operations, long-term business development and was instrumental in the decision to sell the Windstar fleet.

Upon the sale of Windstar to Holland American Lines in 1987/1988, Ken was recruited to head-up and subsequently purchase an international building product company based in New York – Kenlin Group Inc.   With offices and manufacturing facilities in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil and Argentina, his understanding of international business practices and local cultural differences is comprehensive. For over 24 years, Ken commuted between the United States and China an average of 8 to 10 times per year. Building upon long-term business relationships in China enabled Kenlin Group to participate in several JV businesses with Chinese private and state owned companies.

Partnering with a large state owned ship building company, Kenlin Group Inc., negotiated the rights to import and distribute through a JV company several brands (SeaRay, Fairline & Marquis) of pleasure yachts into China. In addition, Kenlin Group through another JV company that held a Chinese Government import license (through the quota system) to import foreign manufactured automobiles contracted with General Motors to import Cadillac automobiles into China.   

After selling Kenlin Group Inc. to a private equity company in 2011, Ken returned to the business he enjoyed most, the Cruise Ship business. As Managing Director of Commercial Vessel Sales at QPS Marine Ships, he is responsible for every phase of the business. Weather acting as “Buyers Broker” or “Sellers Broker” the fiduciary responsibility is the same.   To provide the client with the best possible experience is our ultimate goal. In addition to the sale and purchase of vessels, QPS Marine Ships provides a multitude of services such as (just to name a few): NEW SHIP CONSTRUCTION; SHIP MANAGEMENT; PROJECT MANAGEMENT; SHIP CHARTER BROKERAGE; VESSEL REFURBISHMENT; etc. Drawing upon our worldwide network of Cruise Ship experts, Ken & QPS Marine Ships can provide assistance as needed anywhere in the world.  

Ken received his undergraduate degree from MIT in Architecture and Civil Engineering and his MBA from Harvard Business School.  He holds a United States Coast Guard 1600 Ton Masters License with Sail and Towing endorsements; he is a licensed Florida Yacht & Ship Broker and belongs to the International Yacht Brokers Association and the International Superyacht Society.