3 Powerful Tools for Your IYBA Listings

If one thing is certain in the world of social media advertising, it’s this. Social media is a fast-paced industry, and if you’re not paying attention to platform updates, it’s impossible to keep up.

To help you stay on top of the latest and greatest updates and changes to yacht buyers and owners, we're curating the most important industry changes you need to know.


Our featured partner ex.plo.re has created tools specifically for yacht buyers, yacht owners and yacht brokers. Here we discuss the 3 new features that IYBA members are using today:

Whether you are in the marina, or searching boats abroad, this map search provides you and your clients easy access to all IYBA listings.


Your listing promotion should be streamlined and efficient. Once your listing is published in IYBA it will automatically be shared on your LinkedIn to show your entire network about your new inventory. To reach new prospects, ex.plo.re will begin advertising to local yacht owners and buyers across your Facebook & Instagram! Additional features include custom brochure creation and email campaigns to your growing audience.


Every client needs a personalized experience, and ex.plo.re provides on-the-go tools so you can quickly compare yachts that fit your client's needs. These tools are powered by IYBA and designed to be used on your cell phone!

For only $10 per day, ex.plo.re provides IYBA members with helpful tools and tech support so that you are always positioned best in class. For all IYBA members with an active listing, ex.plo.re will waive the standard setup fee! Offer ends March 1, 2021. https://yachtmktg.ex.plo.re

IYBA is proud to be your partner and will continue to bring new tools to you and your crew. To join IYBA MLS please click here: https://iyba.org/sign-up

Article Author: Becca Eisenberg