A Strategy for Virtual Showings

Did you know that we've added a form buyers can fill out to request a "Remote Showing" with the listing broker on IYBA.Org? Please check out your vessels for a preview - any submissions go directly to YOU ONLY!

Working remotely over the last few weeks has increased the use of virtual tours & virtual showings by over 500% so don't miss out on these techniques to reach your buyers!! With so many cancelled boat shows, this can keep you in touch more closely with your clients and build long term relationships.

Watch this brief video we found to learn three key tips to help your business pivot to a virtual experience, remain effective and keep your clients well informed!

We also would love your feedback on anything we can do to make this better for you! To start - post your "tour videos" into your MLS' vessel details and make them "Share=NO" so they are exclusive to you!

ADDITIONALLY: Be sure to check out today's webinar which includes extremely valuable insight from some of the top brokerages who are practicing virtual showings!