AYCA Demise and Uninspected E- Contract platform is now live! please sign up

  • Posted 07-15-2023
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Dear IYBA Members,


The AYCA Contract Committee would like to share some exciting news:


We are proud to announce that we have finished work on our new AYCA E- Contract Platform Website.

The Platform will go live on July 15th.

Please follow the link and remember that each Company Principal must apply first.


“This form is to be completed by the Company Principal, not by an individual broker.

Once the Company is registered, the Company Principal will send an individual application form to eligible company brokers.”

Payments & Fees Structure

Per Agreement pricing:

USD $5.00 per Uninspected Agreement

USD $5.00 per RBA/VSA combo (i.e. $2.50 each)

Single User Bulk Pricing:

USD $50.00 for 10/single user purchase to be used for Uninspected and/or RBA/VSA combo (each RBA/VSA combo counts as one).

Corporate Subscription pricing:

USD $250 unlimited annual account with access for multiple users.

Kind regards


AYCA Contract Committee



Article Author: Martha Lukasik