Boat Owners/Operators Training Course

At The Helm Training was born out of necessity. A necessity observed by a professional USCG Master Mariner who over a 40-year period discerned that boats were getting bigger, more complex, and powerful with an increasing number of operators having little experience and understanding of safe operational procedures of THEIR vessel. 

The idea came from a martial arts class, that is right, a martial arts class. While participating in a class from a world-renowned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training family, that only did one-on-one training.

We noticed that whether we participated in a class in California or Florida they both had the lesson syllabus written on the wall. Those lessons contained the same techniques, taught in a tried-and-true sequence that formed an automatic response. At that moment we thought why not apply the same idea for a marine safety training course for boat owners on THEIR boat.

Each vessel is unique, but the basic understanding of safe vessel operations and seamanship can be adapted to any boat with our proven syllabus. At The Helm Training provides a personalized learning experience by a professional Captain or Trainer to teach a new or experienced boat owner, who wants to improve upon their skills.

You do not need a boating license to operate a boat in the majority of the United States, but many states require a general safety course. At The Helm Training course provides a curriculum taught from a system developed with over 40 years of experience of what works and what does not. 

We discovered in our experiences of working with people with the resources to own a 30-to-60-foot yacht, that they do not have the time, necessity or desire to go to a Captain school. Additionally, the courses offered by publicly funded organizations lack the hands on training specific to the boat they will operate. At The Helm Training system addresses these shortcomings.

Article Author: John Dial