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Tax for anchoring in managed marine areas: the government has filed for a new amendment

On January 20, 2015 the senate presented a bill to introduce a tax for yachts cruising in managed marine areas. This fee would be collected by local authorities’ administrations.

By adopting amendment 163 the National Assembly rejected the bill recognizing the serious impact it might have on the yachting industry.

However, the government has again put the bill on the agenda and filed a new amendment.

The law shall apply to the following :

- On the mainland from 1st of June to the 30th of September ( for areas attracting few visitors)

- For areas attracting large numbers of visitors on the mainland and overseas, all year round

- In managed areas ( national parks, Natura 2000 areas, protected marine areas)

- Each administration will decide which areas under its management shall be covered by the law

- For yacht, the tax is capped at 20 euros per day per linear meter

- Coming into force : summer 2016

It is evident that if the bill is passed by the French parliament it will be a disaster for yachting replicating what happened in Sardinia between 2006 and 2009. The number of yachts cruising in that area dropped by 50% when similar law came into force.

As the representative of yachting professionals and of commercial and private yacht ship owners, ECPY has joined forces with others association to voice our concern and demand the delation of this appalling bill capable of wrecking the maritime economy as a whole and the yachting industry in particular.

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