INACE Superyachts line, tradition, quality, luxury and performance all in one yacht.

  • Posted 07-25-2023
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It is with great pride that I introduce you to INACE SuperYachts, a Brazilian shipyard with more than 50 years of history in the naval and recreational industry in Brazil and in the world.    

INACE has been developing a completely new line of SuperYachts for two years and started with the Explora 90 and already has more than six orders between 90'-165', proof of the credibility and quality of its yachts. 

Beyond the volume and hull type of Explora 90, there are other great characteristics of this project such as the material of the hull and superstructure (steel and aluminum), 100% customizable, long-range yacht, engineering that allows three decks in a 90', (I even have one of these available), Explorer's DNA and including there are several sailing around the world. 

In fact, it is a great option for its customers, especially those looking for a luxury long ranger.

Any questions or more information please feel free to contact me, we have a unit in Brazil available for an exclusive tour, and you will be impressed with the high level of finish, not to mention the customization for the boat to meet 100% what you are looking for on board.

Kind Regards,

Marcio Sadler

MSYachts / INACE

+1 954 288 8832

Inace Superyachts - 52 years building reliability

Article Author: Marcio Sadler