FORT LAUDERDALE, FL − NOVEMBER 3, 2016 − The largest and most influential organization for professional yacht and luxury yacht charter brokers, Florida Yacht Brokers Association (FYBA) is proud to announce that it has rebranded itself as the International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA).

“When we mapped out the FYBA membership, it reinforced what we already knew, that FYBA is truly an international organization with members operating in popular yachting areas not just in Florida but around the globe,” said FYBA Executive Director Cindy Sailor. “Our new name, ‘International Yacht Brokers Association’, better reflects who we are − the largest and most prestigious group of professional yacht and charter brokers in the world.” 

Founded nearly 30 years ago, the International Yacht Brokers Association has over 1,350 individual members representing more than 400 businesses. Its members are responsible for 20 percent of all international yacht sales, as well as 50 percent of all U.S. domestic yacht sales and 80 percent of all yacht sales transactions in the state of Florida. IYBA’s ongoing mission is to raise the standard of professionalism among its members as well as within the international yacht and charter brokerage industries. The IYBA Public Affairs Committee, with the support of the membership, also continues to influence U.S. and Florida legislation for the benefit of the yachting industry as a whole. 

“As we go into the 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, an event that also started out as Florida-specific and grew into the world’s largest in-water boat show, our new brand positioning will help IYBA members to command the respect from our domestic and international colleagues that they deserve,” said Sailor.

About IYBA:

The International Yacht Brokers Association was created in 1987 under the name Florida Yacht Brokers Association to unite those engaged in the yacht brokerage business for the purpose of promoting professionalism and cooperation among its members; and to promote and maintain a high standard of conduct in the transacting of the yacht brokerage business.

Each member is required to abide by a code of ethics to protect the public against fraud, misrepresentation, or unethical practices in the yacht brokerage profession. Each member is to endeavor to eliminate any practices, which could be damaging to the public or the dignity and integrity of the yacht brokerage profession. For more information, please visit


Media Contact:

Cindy Sailor

IYBA Executive Director

O: 954-522-9270

C: 727-403-4380