New Clearline System with Clearvis Flow Sensing Technology

ElectroSea introduces its new state-of-the-art CLEARVIS™ Flow Sensing Technology for The CLEARLINE System. CLEARVIS uses advanced speed of sound technology to measure the velocity of seawater and eliminates all moving parts in the fluid path to enhance real-time flow monitoring.

Unlike mechanical flow meters that use a paddlewheel and are subject to wear or interference from debris; the new CLEARVIS flow sensor has no moving parts for reliable, maintenance-free operation. CLEARVIS sends and receives sound waves between transducers in the sensor housing and uses speed of sound to determine the flow rate. ElectroSea’s new CLEARVIS technology ensures flawless, dynamic regulation of chlorine production to prevent unwanted marine growth and is an essential part of the new CLEARLINE System.

CLEARLINE solves an age-old barnacle build-up problem for boaters. Barnacles make their way into seawater systems clogging pipes, air conditioners, and equipment that depend on this water for cooling. The old way to deal with barnacles is to frequently flush the lines with harsh acids that are harmful to humans and the environment.

The patented CLEARLINE System uses sodium from seawater and electrical current to produce a continuous low level of chlorine. This proven anti-fouling process prevents barnacles and biofilms in pipework, air conditioners, and sea strainers.

The new CLEARLINE System includes: the CLEARLINE Control Unit (the brain), the CLEARCELL electrochlorinator (the heart), and the new CLEARVIS Flow Sensor (the regulator). With the NEW CLEARLINE System using CLEARVIS technology, you’ll never have to descale again, and sea strainers will stay clean longer!

Article Author: Allis Reis

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