Special Deals Galapagos Islands - 2023 and 2024

Galapagos Private Charters & Group Travel

Royal Galapagos' charters allow you to live with your friends or family on itineraries from 4 to 15 days in the Galapagos, exploring the best of the islands and led by certified naturalist guides.

Our crews will always provide you with the best service, just as our chef will delight you with three daily meals that will satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Our extensive experience allows us to offer you on each cruise:

  • An Exclusive Galapagos Experience
  • Excellent Discounts
  • Specialists Guides
  • Tailor-made Service
  • From 4 to 15 Day Itineraries
  • Personalized Trip Planning by Galapagos Experts

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Article Author: Sofia Fierro