• Posted 05-14-2015
  • IYBA 

AMEsolutions.com is comprised of Advanced Mechanical Enterprises/AME and Advanced Maintenance Engineering/AME, comprehensive marine and industrial engineering services companies specializing in Predictive, Preventative and Corrective Maintenance for rotating machinery. Since 1992, AME has pioneered the use of the most cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to the diagnostics, maintenance and repair of rotating machinery, particularly for private and commercial vessels. Based in Fort Lauderdale, with multiple locations near international airports, AME offers 24-hour, worldwide service.

A dynamic and quickly growing company, AME continuously provides training and employs new technologies that keep them in the forefront of its industry. AME is recognized as an external specialist for condition monitoring by the American Bureau of Shipping/ABS and is commissioned by clients the world over to solve complex vibration issues on everything from yachts, workboats, pumping stations, power plants, industrial/manufacturing facilities, and residential and commercial buildings, among other entities.

AME is a proud authorized representative for Windrock and authorized distributor of Wartsila seals, and bearings for the state of Florida.

• All Running Gear Services 

• Vibration & Noise Surveys

• Laser, Optical & Strain Gage Alignment 

• Geometric Laser Hull Deflection Measurements 

• Field Balancing

• Thermal Imaging/Oil Analysis

• Fabrication & Welding

• Machining & Line Boring