The lawyers of Moore & Co. have more than 40 years of experience specializing in the areas of maritime law, art law, and aviation law. From our offices in Miami (Coral Gables), Florida, we serve clients throughout the world.

Our Maritime & Admiralty law practice handles almost all legal matters having anything to do with navigable waters from coastal waters to the high seas. For example Moore & Co handles new vessel construction contracts, brokerage disputes, purchase and sale agreements and even personal injury and wrongful death claims. If the matter occurs on or near water, we handle it.

Our Aviation law practice is like our maritime law practice but at a different altitude. It includes all facets of the law dealing with the ownership, operation, maintenance, and use of aircraft, airports, and airspace. Our Aviation attorneys deal with cases involving licensing and aeromedical issues that are trigger the application of aviation law.

Our Art law practice includes all facets of the law dealing with the acquisition, ownership, or sale of or disputes concerning art. This fascinating areas of the law involves the buyers, sellers and those who create art from all over the world.

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