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Last Name First Name Company Class Type
Cabral Gaida The Catamaran Company Brokerage
Cabré Jorge United Yacht Sales
Caillaud Marlene GMT Global Marine Travel
Caine Ken QPS Marine Brokerage
Principal Member
Callaghan Richard Richard Callaghan LLC
Principal Member
Callahan Chris Moran Yacht & Ship Brokerage
Callender Sarah Y.CO Yacht Services
Callender Alastair Moravia Yachting Charter
Callison Shelby Valhalla Boat Sales
Camaraza Jorge MarineMax Brokerage
Camarda Frank MarineMax
Cambon Dana Luke Brown Yachts Brokerage
Campbell Lynne Carefree Yacht Charters Charter
Principal Member
Campbell Dan MarineMax
Cannova Michael Marlow Marine Sales, Inc. Brokerage
Cantin Stuart Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales Brokerage
Capo Miller Lucile Cannons Marina Brokerage
Capote Victor Palm Beach Yachts Inc. Brokerage
Capuano Cheri Concord Marine Electronics Yacht Services
Carbajales Leonardo Nautikos
Carbery Deborah OneWater Yacht Group Brokerage
Cardenas Barin YachtCreators Brokerage
Principal Member
Cardoza Nicholas Cardoza Yachts Brokerage
Carlson Mike 26 North Yacht Sales, Inc. Brokerage
Principal Member
Carlson Steven Reel Deal Yachts, Inc.
Carpenter Cook Blue Oceans Yachting
Carr Colby Galati Yacht Sales
Carrere Christopher Galati Yacht Sales Brokerage
Carrier Rémi Jr Canada Yachts Brokerage
Principal Member
Carrizosa Antonio Galati Yacht Sales Brokerage
Carroll Trevor Fraser Yachts Brokerage
Carroll Christopher Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc. Brokerage
Principal Member
Carroll Mack Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc. Brokerage
Carroll Thomas Princess Yachts America Brokerage
Carroll Leah Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc.
Carron Rob Aon Private Risk Management
Carstensen Alec HMY Yacht Sales, Inc.
Carter Katy IYC International Yacht Collection Charter
Carter Bryan Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc. Brokerage
Carter James Wave Marine Group Brokerage
Principal Member
Casartelli Angelo Builder
Casas Christine Yacht Logistics, Inc. Charter
Principal Member
Casellas Roger Yacht Center of the Caribbean, Inc. Brokerage
Principal Member
Cashman Charles MarineMax Brokerage
Principal Member
Cashmore Megan Yachtz Club LLC Charter
Principal Member
Cassar Naudi Christine Ganado Advocates
Cassel Joseph Island Yacht Sales, Inc. Brokerage
Principal Member
Cassidy Sean Cassidy Yacht Consulting
Principal Member
Castro Fernando Rick Obey Yacht Sales Brokerage
Castro Cinthya Kitson Yachts Brokerage
Catalano Walter OneWater Yacht Group Brokerage
Catania Mike Yachting Experts, Inc.
Cathey Devlin All Yachting Charter
Caulfield Nicole RJC Yacht Sales & Charter
Cave Paul Team Marine Limited Brokerage
Principal Member
Ceard Christophe BSM Yachting GmbH Builder
Principal Member
Cecilio Allison Camper & Nicholsons USA, Inc. Charter
Cecotto Jonathan Stars Yachting
Celis Vanessa Biagio Yachts
Cengiz Ozgur 4U Yachting Charter
CPYB Principal Member
Centola Simone Gateway Law Corporation
Chaille Robert United Yacht Sales Brokerage
Chalmers Courtney Yachtworld Web and Tech
Principal Member
Chamberlain Kent Chamberlain Yachts International Brokerage
Principal Member
Champlin Eric Down East Yachting LLC Brokerage
Chapdelaine Edward Hampton Yacht Group of FL Brokerage
Chapman Neil
Chapman Peter American Marine Brokerage Brokerage
Principal Member
Charleson Rickard Galati Yacht Sales Brokerage
Charlier Andrew HFW
Chen Delia Yacht Flowers Yacht Services
Chernoff Tony InterMarine Brokerage
Chesla Peter IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry
Childers Chip Galati Yacht Sales
Chirichiello Lindsey Ritzy Charters
Chisholm Natalie Denison Yachting
Chivilo Candice Seize the Day Charters Charter
Principal Member
Chouraki Mathias Luxury Yacht Partners Brokerage
Christiansen Candice Charter Itinerary GmbH
Principal Member
Chumillas Amat Alex TAX MARINE & AVATION SPAIN, S.L.
Principal Member
Cianciotto Christi Valhalla Boat Sales
Cichanowicz John Northrop and Johnson Charter
Principal Member
Cini Matthew Sandy Hook Yacht Sales, Inc
Clark James Edwards Yacht Sales Brokerage
Clark Charles SLT Collection Brokerage
Clark Steven Bohonnon Law Firm
Clark Lou 26 North Yacht Sales, Inc. Charter
Clark David Squadra Lupo Yachts
Principal Member
Clarke Alex Denison Yachting Brokerage
Clarke Natalia Denison Yachting Charter
Clarke Howard The Catamaran Company
Clayman John Seaton Marine LLC dba Seaton Yachts Brokerage
Principal Member
Clements Scott Yachts360 Group, LLC Brokerage
Clemmons April Blue Oceans Yachting
Cleveringa Ronald Burger Boat Company Builder
Principal Member
clyatt glenn HMY Yacht Sales, Inc. Brokerage
Coban Casey Kutsal Rick Obey Yacht Sales Brokerage
Cockcroft Stephen Catamaran Guru Brokerage
Coelho Lysandra Denison Yachting Brokerage
Coelho Junior Aderbal Denison Yachting